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Our expertise across a wide range of technical-geological disciplines allows us to reach a solution to your challenges within the diverse fields of mining, engineering, energy and water resources. For example, in mining exploration we will lead your exploration targets to the next stage in the development of the project or according to your preference, we will generate exploration blanks based on our target concepts and previous geological knowledge that have demonstrated success in the exploration for precious metals, base metals and industrial minerals.

We can assist you in:

Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic litho-structural mapping; sedimentological, structural and stratigraphic surveys and interpretations for engineering (geotechnical), energy and for mining projects at the scale of your preference.

A robust geological knowledge as the basis for your future activities. 

Planning and execution of the rock geochemical sampling at the detail you require (diamond saw channel sampling, by points or grids, rockchips, pit holes, trenching, talus road cuts, mining benches, etc); soil; natural drainage sediments; waste; water and diverse fluids for mining, exploratory, environmental, research and engineering purposes.


Selection, design and planning of the most appropriate geophysical survey (IP, magnetics, electromagnetics, spectrometry, magneto-tellurics, etc.) according to the geological framework of your project.

The correct geophysical method providing the most trustworthy conclusions.


Definition of mineral exploration targets from the conceptual regional scale based on our solid geological knowledge combined with a transparent understanding of the economic mining industry requirements.

Definition of drilling targets from the scout to the mineral resource definition, metallurgical or condemnation stages.

Integrated management of your advanced exploration (drilling, tunneling, etc.) campaigns, which comprises:

  • The initial stage obtaining the legal permits (DIA, EIAsd, surface rights, water use, etc.); social agreements with local communities and environmental permitting.
  • Design and implementation of facilities for the execution of the advanced program such as access roads, drill paths and platforms, camp, waste disposal, etc.
  • General logistics, goods and personnel transport.
  • Administration of the local labor.
  • Operational, administrative, socio-environmental and legal closure.

Specialized geological logging service, diamond core and RCD chips splitting and sampling, according to international NI43-101, JORC or other standards. The most valued information of your project is acquired and handled by our best qualified professional team.

Determination of the rock/samples specific gravity.

Secured transport and storing service of samples, core boxes, rejects etc. within your internal mine facilities our outside at our own facilities.

Design, implementing and verification of the QA/QC protocols and procedures for your samples, data and reports.

 Geological digital modeling of your data (lithology, structure, alteration, mineral zones, etc.) and mineral resources modeling of the deposit.

Economic geology valuation of mining projects at any stage of development including the mineral resource estimation and the concluding technical reports under the international NI43-101, JORC and/or other codes.

Integral turn key management of exploration and development offices.

Mining and surface property acquisition and management for third parties.

Geotechnical mapping, logging and preliminary valuations.

Design of hydrogeological drill holes and piezometers monitoring.

 Field measurements of elemental contents and maximum permissible levels of rocks, soil, water, waste dumps/disposals, leach pads, etc.

Temporary storage and final disposal of drilling fluids and residues.