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CumbrEx offers specialized technical services that widely support our geological services.

The topography and photogrammetry are performed with equipment such as Drones, R-8/10 Differential GPS and Total Stations: E-bee, Trimble, Leica of ultimate technologies available in the market and qualified personnel with extensive experience in these activities.

Hyperspectral scanning of geological samples maps 100% of reflective minerals to the incidence of light and it is carried out by our global partner companies. CumbrEx advises on the best applicability, orientation and interpretation of the results of this technology, that best suits to the objectives of our clients.

3D X-ray computed tomography allows the integral identification of mineral phases in geological samples and its 3D textural analysis allows 100% practical applications in geo-metallurgy, porosity, permeability, etc.

CumbrEx / Topography and Photogrammetry Brochure

CumbrEx / Hyperspectral Scanning Brochure

CumbrEx / 3D X-ray Computed Tomography Brochure