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CumbrEx considers that its workforce represents its main asset, as it is the keystone of the company. The execution of our activities is based on respect, trust and consideration between co-workers, shareholders, central authorities, local authorities, suppliers, customers and the local communities. In order to achieve this level of development, our organization aims for excellence through mutual understanding and teamwork, optimizing the wellbeing and safety, taking care of health and conserving the environment.

    We consider that our collaborators must return home safe and without injuries, adopting a proactive culture of safety, that will help to reach an optimal work level.
    We are aware that it is necessary to protect our co-workers against any danger that could threaten their health, applying prevention programs to avoid any diseases, occupational or not.
    CumbrEx has the duty to monitor and minimize the environmental impacts, preserving the water, air and soil elements and restoring the nearby areas that could eventually be affected.


  • Constant improvement of processes, adopting a proactive attitude of permanent learning.

  • Complying with law, respecting the authorities and foster an improvement in the quality of standards of living of co-workers.

  • Promoting and foster teamwork between the members of our projects.

  • Working with responsibility, applying the established standards and procedures, identifying dangers and risks in order to prevent and control them.

  • Sharing our knowledge and our experiences between the members of our organization in order to achieve our objectives.

  • Respecting the local customs and integrate ourselves to the communities that are within and nearby our working areas.